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The following video is from the introduction to the Sani Tweaks roadshow. Find out more about Sani Tweaks and Oxfam's Covid-19 guidance.

Latest Updates

October 2021
As the WASH Innovation Fund reopens for applications, new information has been added about existing projects.

August 2021
We've written a new technical brief about pre-paid commmunal water dispensers (Water ATMs) and updated the techical brief about handwashing stations.

June 2021
The presentation of the community perception tracker to the EEHF is now online.

January 2021
Totally revised bulk water treatment guidelines.
A new topic and technical brief: desalination.
Sani-Tweaks has a new video and is now available in Bengali.

November 2020
A new video series for anyone installing an Oxfam Tank.

October 2020
We have written a new book: Solar Pumping for Water Supply.

September 2020
New topic: Latrine Lighting.
New look for the website with faster navigation.

Sani Tweaks

Research shows that many emergency latrines are not used by the people they are intended for.

Sani Tweaks is about simple changes that can fix this: consulting users, modifying latrines, and providing sanitation as a service, not a one-off installation.

Discover Best Practices in Sanitation

Handwashing Stand

After years of development, the Oxfam Supply Centre and WASH teams are pleased to unveil a new piece of kit to overcome many of the problems seen with existing handwashing solutions.

Find out more about Handwashing

Our Strategy

Oxfam aims to be the leading player in humanitarian WASH by:

  • demonstrating rapid and high quality emergency response,
  • influencing the WASH sector with evidence of our effectiveness,
  • supporting community resilience in disaster prone and fragile contexts and
  • enhancing national capacity to improve WASH coverage for the most vulnerable.

Read our 2020 WASH Strategy

Supply Centre

All humanitarian agencies can access Oxfam's equipment from the Oxfam Supply Centre. The website includes all specifications and instruction manuals for our kit.

Visit the Supply Centre Website