Oxfam - Humanitarian Programmes and HIV and AIDS: A practical approach to mainstreaming

Oxfam Briefing Paper Mainstreaming of HIV & AIDS in Humanitarian Programmes, 2008

Oxfam Workplace Policy on HIV & AIDS

Minimum Requirements

Mainstreaming of HIV & AIDS ensures that:

  • The specific needs of those affected by HIV/AIDS are considered in WASH response plans.
  • The risk of HIV transmission in affected communities is reduced through sensitively planned WASH activities.

WASH staff should:

  • Consider the special needs (e.g. access, proximity, increased water consumption) of PLWHA in WASH activities.
  • Do no harm: e.g. avoid stigmatising people by labelling them as HIV positive.
  • Be briefed by HR or Management on the personal risks they face from HIV and the wider HIV & AIDS profile in the country and amongst the affected population.
  • Work with HR staff to ensure all Oxfam staff, partners and contractors are informed about HIV and the Oxfam Workplace Policy on HIV & AIDS.
  • Consider issues of gender and protection in conjunction with HIV & AIDS.