Latrine Lighting

Sanitation facilities are only effective if they are used and they will only be used if the experience of using them is acceptable. This means users must feel safe and be able to see what they are doing inside the toilet. Whilst lighting may initially be viewed as a costly extra, especially in addition to the cost of a basic superstructure, its benefits justify the investment. Planning lighting in advance helps ensure that it is both efficient, effective and contributes towards greater safety, especially for women and children.

The following video gives an overview of the topic:

The video is also available in French and Spanish.


The following Technical Brief looks at the planning and design options for lighting in and around toilets, both during the day and after dark:

Technical Brief: Lighting for Sanitation Facilities

Tip Sheets:

Public Spaces Lighting Spanish French

Individual and Household Lighting Spanish French

Practical Tools for Community Planning of Lighting Spanish French

Lighting Checklist Spanish French

The above resources were developed from the following research:
Shining a Light: How lighting in or around sanitation facilities affects the risk of gender-based violence in camps.