Other Public Health Issues

If WASH staff identify a need or opportunity, or are requested to intervene in other public health areas, Programme Management and preferably Regional or HQ-based Public Health Advisors should be consulted to determine Oxfam’s capacity to intervene, what added-value Oxfam would bring, and budgetary and timing issues.


Oxfam's Policy Paper on Psychosocial Assistance

Technical Brief: Hepatitis E Outbreak Response

Guide to Community Engagement in WASH: A practitioner’s guide, based on lessons from Ebola

Minimum Requirements

Oxfam’s core public health expertise in emergencies lies in the prevention of acute WASH related illness. . However there will be occasions when a need or opportunity arises for involvement in other public health programming. This might be:

Factors to consider in deciding whether to engage with other public health activities include:

What We Don't Do

WASH teams and management should knowthe limit of Oxfam WASH activities, and know how to deal with requests for humanitarian support in activities that we do not undertake.

Oxfam does not carry out medical interventions, though we may advocate for others to provide clinical services if there is a significant gap in provision.