Emergency assessment tools, to be used to understand the needs of the affected population.


Oxfam Rapid Integrated Emergency Assessment Tool

Also available in French, and Spanish.

Available as a spreadsheet for Survey CTO.

Minimum Requirements

  • An assessment of WASH priority risks and needs should be undertaken before any humanitarian intervention using the Oxfam Public Health Assessment Tool or another systematic assessment process.
  • In an emergency, a rapid assessment will provide information as to whether to intervene and if so, the type and scale of activities and priorities for resource allocation. Balance the need for detailed assessment with the humanitarian imperative of saving lives. Often Oxfam will need to start WASH activities immediately, based on rapid assessment results that can be substantiated later.
  • For acute emergencies WASH staff should carry out an initial rapid assessment and develop a basic concept note within 72 hours.
  • The Humanitarian Handbook details specific Oxfam requirements for carrying out assessments, including carrying out context analysis, reporting results etc.