Health & Safety

All WASH staff have responsibility for health and safety: every WASH activity should be examined from the point of view of health and safety, and support should be requested if staff are uncertain or concerned about a health and safety issue.


Oxfam Technical Brief Part A & B (pdf)

Oxfam Technical Brief Part C (docx)

Minimum Requirements

  • Health and safety issues should be considered for every WASH activity including latrine digging, desludging, NFI distributions, solid waste management, hand-dug wells, children’s activities, spring development, drilling, vector control, bladder or tank construction etc.
  • Each work site should have a first aid kit and someone who knows how to use it WASH field staff should be properly dressed (e.g. footwear) and equipped (e.g. sunhat, raincoat, personal protective equipment) to perform their job according to local field conditions.