Excreta Disposal

Oxfam WASH programmes will usually have a sanitation component. This aims to ensure appropriate safe sanitation for affected communities, including facilities for excreta disposal and bathing, to minimise risk of WASH-related disease and environmental pollution, in a way that maintains dignity.


Oxfam guidelines

Oxfam Technical Manual: Guidelines for Excreta Disposal in Emergencies

Oxfam Chlorinated Lime Guidelines

Oxfam Technical Brief 1: Excreta Disposal Physically Vulnerable People in Emergenices

Oxfam Technical Brief 9: Septic Tank Guidelines

Oxfam Technical Brief 10: Plastic sheeting, its use and procurement in humanitarian relief

Oxfam Technical Brief 19: The Use of Poo Bags for Safe Excreta Disposal in Emergency Settings

WEDC book

Excreta Disposal in Emergencies, WEDC, 2007

Emergency Sanitation Project

The Emergency Sanitation Project is a collaboration between IFRC, WASTE and Oxfam GB to solve some of the most difficult challenges with providing sanitation in emergencies.
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