Hand Dug Wells

Hand dug wells are widely used around the world as a water source. They can come in many forms, from simple holes in the ground with limited protection, to covered wells with a handpump for extracting the water.

As part of an emergency response either new hand dug wells may be constructed, or existing hand dug wells may need repair and disinfection.


The following manual covers the well auger survey, well digging, dewatering and desludging kits. These are available from the Supply Centre.

Oxfam Instruction Manual for Hand Dug Well Equipment

Hand dug wells may need repairing, cleaning and disinfecting after inundation by floodwater, inundation of seawater as in the case of a tsunami, materials entering as the result of mudslides or hurricanes, or simply after long periods of limited maintenance or neglect. This Technical Brief identifies the process for repairing, cleaning and disinfecting hand dug wells and also discusses the Oxfam kits which can be used for these processes.

Oxfam Technical Brief 6: Repairing, Cleaning and Disinfecting Hand Dug Wells

Minimum Requirements