Water Trucking

Emergency water trucking is typically a short-term, life-saving intervention that is used to cover interruptions in water service or access to sufficient quantities of water to meet survival requirements.


Oxfam Technical Briefing 13: Water Trucking

UNHCR Briefing Note on Water Trucking

Minimum Requirements

  • Water tankering is very costly and extremely difficult to monitor effectively, so it should only be a short-term measure until more sustainable water sources are in place.
  • A full exit plan should be drawn up before beginning a tankering programme.
  • Due to high costs, tankering budget lines should be itemised to calculate the real price rather than just estimating a lumpsum.
  • If tankering water, always ensure there are tanks/bladders with tap stands for tankers to discharge the water: users should not collect straight from the back of the tanker.
  • Where possible, water should be chlorinated at discharge tanks