Urine Diversion Dry Toilets

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Double vault Urine Diversion Dry Toilets (UDDT) can be used as an alternative to pit latrines in refugee camps. They utilise two chambers for faeces, one of which is in use whilst the other is full and drying so that it can be safely disposed of after an appropriate period of time. A key advantage in camps is that they can be used indefinitely and therefore may be more economical than pit latrines, particularly in areas with rocky or unstable soils, or a high water table. From a user’s perspective, it is the lack of flies and smell from the toilet which make UDDTs relatively pleasant to use.


Oxfam have developed Standard Operating Procedures for construction of Urine Diversion Dry Toilets (UDDTs):

Oxfam UNHCR Urine Diversion Dry Toilets Standard Operating Procedures

Single Family Drawing: Sheet 1 Sheet 2

Shared Family Drawing: Sheet 1 Sheet 2

An excellent guide to urine diversion toilets from GIZ:

Technology Review of UDDTs

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