Solid Waste

Poor waste management practices cause serious health risks by creating potential vector breeding grounds, contaminating water sources and creating feeding risks to livestock. The accumulation of solid waste often causes blockages in drainage channels and environmental health problems associated with stagnant and polluted surface water; fire risks; and air pollution if the waste is burnt.


Oxfam Technical Briefs:

Oxfam Technical Brief 15: Domestic and Refugee Camp Waste Management collection disposal

Oxfam Technical Brief 16: Composting Organic Materials Recycling

Oxfam Technical Brief 17: Large-Scale Envrionmental Clean up Campaigns

Oxfam Technical Brief 18: Hazardous Wastes

Example equipment specifications from the Oxfam Supply Centre:

Supply Centre Solid Waste Kits

From others:

OCHA Disaster Waste Management Guidelines, 2011

Minimum Requirements

General Principles

Household Waste Disposal

Hazardous Waste Management