Cholera and other Diarrhoeal Outbreak Control

Cholera response is most effective where preparedness measures have already been put in place. It is vital to be aware of the national guidelines on the triggers for responding to cholera. General recommendations for response triggers can be found in the Oxfam cholera control guidelines.


The Oxfam Cholera Guidelines are a practical field guide that brings together lessons learned from Oxfam's past interventions in the prevention and control of cholera, and other related guidance. The aim is to provide a quick, step-by-step guide to inform cholera outbreak interventions and ensure public health programmes that are rapid, community-based, well-tailored, and gender and diversity aware.

The guidelines will enable WASH teams to undertake necessary preparations to prevent cholera outbreaks from occurring and to respond effectively when they have occurred. They can also be adapted to suit other water and sanitation related outbreaks, such as Typhoid, Hepatitis E, and dysentery, as well as other WASH-related diarrhoeal outbreaks.

Oxfam Cholera Guidelines

Minimum Standards